Follicle may refer to:

  • Follicle (anatomy), a small spherical group of cells containing a cavity:
    • Dental follicle
    • Hair follicle
    • Lymph follicle
    • Ovarian follicle
    • Thyroid follicle
  • Follicle (fruit)

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Antral Follicle Count
... The antral follicle count (AFC) is the number of antral follicles, generally in both ovaries taken together if not else specified ... of remaining oocytes in the ovaries, usually accompanied by high follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) levels ... Further information Poor ovarian reserve#Antral follicle count and Ovarian hyperstimulation#Response predictors ...
Antral Follicle - Appearance
... The basic structure of the mature follicle has formed and no novel cells are detectable ... Antral follicles can attain a tremendous size that is hampered only by the availability of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), which it is dependent ... of an oocyte-secreted morphogenic gradient, the antral follicle's granulosa cells begin to differentiate themselves into four distinct subtypes corona radiata that surrounds ...
Antral Follicle
... An antral follicle (or Graafian follicle) is an ovarian follicle during a certain latter stage of folliculogenesis ... Definitions differ in where the shift into an antral follicle occurs in the staging of folliculogenesis, with some stating that it occurs when entering the ...
Stigma (anatomy)
... reproductive anatomy refers to the area of the ovarian surface where the Graafian follicle will burst through during ovulation and release the ovum ... As the follicle matures, the area between the follicle and the ovarian surface begins to thin and weaken under the influence of the luteinizing hormone and local cytokines ... The stigma will heal and the residual follicle is transformed into the corpus luteum ...