Folio may refer to:

  • Folio (printing), a book size
  • A particular edition of a book printed on folio pages, such as the First Folio of William Shakespeare's plays
  • A leaf of a book: see Recto and verso
  • Folio (typeface), a sans-serif typeface
  • Folio (magazine)
  • Foolscap folio, a paper size
  • Folio Society, publishers of fine illustrated books
  • Folio Weekly, a newspaper published in Florida and Georgia
  • "Folio", an imprint of French publisher Éditions Gallimard
  • Folio Corporation, a software company and technology product
  • Folio, Inc. (acquired by Sun Microsystems), developers of the F3 font format

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Ben Jonson Folios
... The folio collections of Ben Jonson's works published in the seventeenth century were crucial developments in the publication of English literature and English ... The first folio collection, issued in 1616, treated stage plays as serious works of literature instead of popular ephemera—at the time, a controversial position ... The 1616 folio stood as a precedent for other play collections that followed—most notably the First Folio of Shakespeare's plays in 1623, but also the first ...
Lachlan Maclean, 10th Chief - Biography
... folio 29, may be found the " legitimation to Lauchlane McGilleon son natural to Hector McGilleon of Doward ... October 1496." In the same records, same volume and folio, may be found a " Precept for charter of resignation to the said Lauchlan, of lands of Torresay, Castle of Doward, lands of 'Browhes, Merkland in ... In the same records, same volume, folio 115, may be found a "respite to Lachlan McClcan of Doward, John McClean of Coil, Donald McClean ' Eym' to the said Lachlan ...
Liber Feudorum Ceritaniae - Illustrations
... The 32 miniatures are, with the exception of the one on the first folio, from the hand of a single artist ... The first folio, by a different artist from the rest, depicts Isarn and Dalmau, lords of Castellfollit, rendering homage to Wifred II of Cerdagne ... record of the major Catalan figures of the era Folio 6v ...
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... Lectionaries ℓ 86 ℓ 170 ℓ 185 ℓ 187 ℓ 205 Palimpsest ℓ 216 folio 54 ℓ 220 folio 21 recto ℓ 223 ℓ 225 folio 43 verso ℓ 226 folio 25 recto ℓ 227 folio 6 recto ℓ 228 folio 63 ...