Fogo (Portuguese for fire) may refer to:

  • Fogo, Cape Verde
    • Mount Fogo
  • Fogo, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
    • Fogo Aerodrome
  • Fogo, Scottish Borders, a village in Berwickshire, Scotland
    • Fogo Priory, a religious house of the above settlement
    • Prior of Fogo
  • Fogo Seamounts, Canada
  • Gordon Fogo (1896-1952), Canadian lawyer and senator
  • a mispronunciation of Pogo dance, as pronounced, on occasion, in Israel
  • Fogo (film), a 2012 film

Other articles related to "fogo":

Fogo, Newfoundland And Labrador - History
... The largest community on the island, Fogo may also be the location of the island's first permanent settlement, which took place in the early 18th century ... settlement may have been in place at Fogo (town) as early as 1680, this is highly unlikely ... Fogo is situated on Fogo Harbour, along the island's north shore ...
São Filipe, Cape Verde (municipality)
... São Filipe is a municipality on the island of Fogo in the Sotavento group of Cape Verde ... São Filipe is linked with a highway that almost encircles the whole island of Fogo but it is inaccessible to the east by small narrow gravel stretch and a small ... and the south, the rocky landscape with a few bushes and grasslands of Mount Fogo lies to the east ...
Agriculture In Cape Verde - Crops
... of São Tiago, São Vicente, São Nicolau, Fogo and Santo Antão have conditions suitable for raising cash crops ... On Fogo, wine and coffee are grown for export In 2008, 108 t of grapes where harvested on an area of more than 200 ha ... In 2008, 21 t of coffee were harvested on Fogo after 35 t in 2006 and 45 t in 2007 ...