Fock can refer to:

  • Vladimir Fock (1898–1974), a Soviet physicist, who did foundational work on quantum mechanics and quantum electrodynamics
    • Fock space, an algebraic system used in quantum mechanics for a variable or unknown number of particles
    • Fock state, any element of a Fock space with a well-defined number of particles
    • Fock matrix, a matrix approximating the single-electron energy operator
  • Jenő Fock (1916–2001), a Hungarian Chairman of the Council of Ministers from 1967 to 1975
  • Wim Fock (1909–1984), a Dutch boxer who competed in the 1936 Summer Olympics
  • Gorch Fock (author), pseudonym of Johann Wilhelm Kinau (1880-1916), German author
    • Gorch Fock (1933), the first sailing ship named after him
    • Gorch Fock (1958), that ship's successor
  • Bror Fock (1888–1964), a Swedish runner who specialized in the 3000 metres
  • Dirk Fock (1858–1941), a Dutch politician
  • Carin Fock (1888–1931), the first wife of Hermann Göring

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... equation and Hypergeometric equation The Mehler–Fock transform concerns the eigenfunction expansion associated with the Legendre differential operator D on (1,∞) ... The two Mehler–Fock transformations are and (Often this is written in terms of the variable τ = √λ.) Mehler and Fock studied this differential operator because it arose as the radial component of the ...
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... Bror Karl Fock (29 March 1888 – 4 September 1964) was a Swedish runner who specialized in the 3000 metres ... by Hannes Kolehmainen Persondata Name Fock, Bror Alternative names Short description Swedish long-distance runner Date of birth 29 March 1888 Place of birth Date of ...
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... In the Hartree-Fock method of quantum mechanics, the Fock matrix is a matrix approximating the single-electron energy operator of a given quantum system in a given set of basis vectors ... The Fock matrix is actually an approximation to the true Hamiltonian operator of the quantum system ... Importantly, because the Fock operator is a one-electron operator, it does not include the electron correlation energy ...