The term flyback may refer to:

  • Flyback chronograph, a single-push-button clock for stopping, resetting and restarting time measurement
  • Flyback converter, a type of DC to DC converter
  • Flyback diode, also known as a “freewheel diode”, a used to protect against spikes from inductive loads
  • Flyback transformer, used to drive cathode ray tubes
  • FlyBack, an open source backup utility

Other articles related to "flyback":

Analogue Television Synchronization - Other Technical Information - CRT Flyback Power Supply Design and Operation Principles
... and the horizontal scan coil is discharged again into the primary winding of the flyback transformer by the use of a rectifier which blocks this negative reverse emf ... This slows down (lengthens) the flyback time from the extremely rapid decay rate that would result if they were electrically isolated during this short period ... One of the secondary windings on the flyback transformer then feeds this brief high voltage pulse to a Cockcroft–Walton_generator design voltage multiplier ...
Flyback Diode
... A flyback diode (sometimes called a snubber diode, freewheeling diode, suppressor diode, or catch diode) is a diode used to eliminate flyback, which is the sudden ...
Flyback Diode - Design
... In an ideal flyback diode selection, one would seek a diode which has very large peak forward current capacity (to handle voltage transients without burning out the diode), low forward ... When used with a DC coil relay, a flyback diode can cause delayed drop-out of the contacts when power is removed, due to the continued circulation of current in the relay coil and diode ... Schottky diodes are preferred in flyback diode applications, because they have the lowest forward drop (~0.2 V rather than >0.7 V for low currents) and ...
Switched-mode Power Supply - Types - Isolated Topologies
... Type Power Relative cost Input range Energy storage Features Flyback 0–250 1.0 5–600 Transformer Isolated form of the buck-boost converter.1 Ringing choke ... capacitor Isolated Ćuk Two capacitors and two inductors ^1 Flyback converter logarithmic control loop behaviour might be harder to control than other types ...
Flyback Chronograph - Overview
... The flyback function is a complication inspired by everyday life, just as some other complications world time, universal time, power reserve ... Most flyback chronographs are constructed with the usual crown at 3 o'clock and 2 pushpieces at 2 and 4 o'clock ... Usually the flyback function is controlled by the button at 4 o'clock whereas the one at 2 o'clock is used to stop the chronograph ...