Flux Density

Flux Density

In the various subfields of physics, there exist two common usages of the term flux, both with rigorous mathematical frameworks. A simple and ubiquitous concept throughout physics and applied mathematics is the flow of a physical property in space, frequently also with time variation. It is the basis of the field concept in physics and mathematics, with two principle applications: in transport phenomena and surface integrals. The terms "flux", "current", "flux density", "current density", can sometimes be used interchangeably and ambiguously, though the terms used below match those of the contexts in the literature.

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Jansky - Usage
... The flux to which the jansky refers can be in any form of energy ... The brightest astronomical radio sources have flux densities of the order of one to one hundred janskys ... Gravitational waves also carry energy, so their flux density can also be expressed in terms of janskys ...
Flux Density - Flux As A Surface Integral - Electromagnetism - Poynting Flux
... Using this definition, the flux of the Poynting vector S over a specified surface is the rate at which electromagnetic energy flows through that surface ... vector is sometimes called the power flux, which is an example of the first usage of flux, above ...
Crab Pulsar
... It is very bright in X-rays and the flux density and spectrum are known to be constant, with the exception of the pulsar itself ... 'crab' and 'millicrab' are sometimes used as units of flux density ... A millicrab corresponds to a flux density of about 2.4x10−11 erg s−1 cm−2 (2.4x10−14 W m−2) in the 2–10 keV X-ray band, for a "crab-like ...
Brushed DC Electric Motor - Motor Design Variations - Axial Field Motors
... However, the focused flux density cannot rise about the limited residual flux density of the permanent magnet despite high coercivity and like all electric machine ...
Low-energy Ion Scattering - Physics of Ion-surface Interactions - Shadowing and Blocking
... As shown at right, when a flux of ions flows in parallel towards a scattering center (nucleus), they are each scattered according to the force of the Coulomb repulsion ... The flux density is increased near the edge of the paraboloid ... Focusing effects again result in an increased flux density near ...

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