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Floor Cleaning

Floor cleaning is a major occupation throughout the world. Cleaning is essential to prevent injuries due to slips and to remove dirt. Floors are also treated to protect or beautify the surface. The correct method to clean one type of floor can often damage another, so it is important to use the correct treatment.

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Operation Snow White - Implementation
... They then traveled to another floor where they made photocopies ... of April 14, Meisner and Wolfe were on the tenth floor of the IRS building housing the Office of International Operations ... A passing cleaning lady noted Meisner and Wolfe's suspicious behavior, and notified a security guard ...
Floor Cleaning - Reducing The Need For Cleaning
... Good well-maintained entrance matting can dramatically reduce the need for cleaning ... For public and office buildings about 80 to 90% of the dirt is tracked in from outside ...
Squeej - Floor Cleaning
... The floor squeegee is similar to the window squeegee but has a long handle like a push broom, used to clean floors after they have been sprayed with water or soap, to push the water into drains ... This is often used in places that need the floors cleaned regularly, such as army barracks or the meat departments in supermarkets ... Hospitals sometimes use the floor squeegee to clean up any spills that occur in operating rooms or regular patient rooms as the design of the squeegee lends ...

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    The disgust with dirt can be so great that it keeps us from cleaning ourselves—from “justifying” ourselves.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    Anyone with a real taste for solitude who indulges that taste encounters the dangers of any other drug-taker. The habit grows. You become an addict.... Absorbed in the visions of solitude, human beings are only interruptions. What voice can equal the voices of solitude? What sights equal the movement of a single day’s tide of light across the floor boards of one room? What drama be as continuously absorbing as the interior one?
    Jessamyn West (1902–1984)