Fleet Marine Force

Fleet Marine Force

The United States Fleet Marine Forces (FMF) are combined general and special purpose forces within the United States Department of the Navy that are designed in engaging offensive amphibious or expeditionary warfare and defensive maritime employment. The Fleet Marine Forces provide the National Command Authority (NCA) with a responsive force that can conduct operations in any spectrum of conflict around the globe.

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Special Operations Capable
... Special Operations Capable refers to special tasks that the tangible Marine Air-Ground Task Force units are capable in providing to the Fleet Marine Force (FMF), or foreign ... that the United States Special Operations Forces are operationally responsible in providing the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) ... Traditionally, the United States Marine Corps has been at the forefront of the United States's exceptional elite warriors ...
Special Operations Capable (SOC)
... In the past, the Marine Corps focused more on yesterday's high intensity, conventional, open "sea, air-land" battlefields, such as those expected during the Cold War ... or humanitarian/disaster relief were conceived and many tacticians feared that the Marine Corps were trying to emulate the larger, land-based United States Army ... With counterparts from the United States Navy, Marines have the ability to be projected to any hostile area around the globe due to their maneuverability from the sea ...
Fleet Marine Force, Atlantic - History
... Advanced Base Force East Coast Expeditionary Force. ...
1st Force Reconnaissance Company - Organization - Chronology
... Republic of Vietnam, and assigned to the 3d Marine Division, Fleet Marine Force Reassigned during November 1966 to the 1st Marine Division, Fleet Marine Force Participated in the war in ...
Fleet Marine Force Insignia
... The Fleet Marine Force Warfare Insignia is a military badge of the United States Navy which is issued to those Naval personnel who are trained and qualified to perform duties in support ... There are currently three classes of the Fleet Marine Force Pin, being that of Enlisted, Officer, and Chaplain ...

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