Flat Major

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String Quartets, Op. 33 (Haydn) - Opus 33 No. 2 - Fourth Movement - Form
... Chronologically, the first refrain (A) (mm.1–35) beginning in E flat major, repeats each section, (a) and (ba), forming (aababa.) In the first episode (B) (mm.36–71) beginning in A flat major, moves to F ...
List Of Solo Piano Compositions By Felix Mendelssohn - Pieces - Miscellaneous Pieces
2 Prelude and Fugue in D major No. 4 Prelude and Fugue in A-flat major No. 6 Prelude and Fugue in B-flat major 3 Fugues No ...
Symphony No. 2 (Schubert)
2 in B flat major, D ... Andante in E flat major III ... Menuetto Allegro vivace in C minor - Trio in E flat major IV ...
List Of Compositions By Richard Wagner - List
... Sonata in D minor 3 aria Aria (1829 lost) 4 chamber music String Quartet in D major 5 piano Sonata in F minor 6 opera Schäferoper (Die Laune des Verliebten) (early 1830? lost) 7 Lieder. 125 (1830–1831) 10 orchestral Overture in B-flat major ("Paukenschlag-Ouvertüre") (1830 lost) 11 orchestral Politische Ouvertüre (1830? lost) 12. 103 in E-flat major (1831 lost) 19A choral Study fugue "Dein ist das Reich" (1831–1832) 19B Double Fugue (1831–1832) 20 orchestral Concert Overture No ...
List Of Compositions By Tomaso Albinoni - Instrumental Music - Without Opus Numbers - Sonatas
... So 1 Sonata a sei con tromba in C major (for natural trumpet, 2 violins, 2 violas and basso continuo), ca. 1702 So 2 Balletto 1 in B-flat major So 3 Balletto 2 in G minor So 4 Balletto 3 in E minor So 5 Balletto 4 in F minor So 6 Balletto 5 in A major So 7 Balletto 6 in F major So 8–19. 1700 So 8 Balletto 1 in G major So 9 Balletto 2 in B minor So 10 Balletto 3 in D major So 11 Balletto 4 in A major So 12 Balletto 5 in C major So 13 Balletto 6 in E minor So 14 Balletto 7 in F major ...

Famous quotes containing the words major and/or flat:

    The man, or the boy, in his development is psychologically deterred from incorporating serving characteristics by an easily observable fact: there are already people around who are clearly meant to serve and they are girls and women. To perform the activities these people are doing is to risk being, and being thought of, and thinking of oneself, as a woman. This has been made a terrifying prospect and has been made to constitute a major threat to masculine identity.
    Jean Baker Miller (20th century)

    They all see you when you least suspect.
    Out flat in your p.j.’s glowering at T.V.
    or at the oven gassing the cat
    or at the Hotel 69 head to knee.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)