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Flashbulb Memory - Models - Emotional-integrative Model
... An Emotional-Integrative Model of flashbulb memories integrates the two previously discussed models the Photographic Model and the Comprehensive Model ... Model states that the first step toward the registration of a flashbulb memory is an individual's degree of surprise associated with the event ... emotional feeling state of the individual directly contributes to the creation of a flashbulb memory ...
Flashbulb Memory and The Reminiscence Bump
... Flashbulb memory occurs when a very vivid memory of a traumatic, emotional, or significant event is recalled ... Kennedy assassination and 9/11 as cues when studying flashbulb memories ... Memories of these events are easily recalled and the individual believes their account of the event to be perfectly accurate ...
Flashbulb Memory
... A flashbulb memory is a highly detailed, exceptionally vivid 'snapshot' of the moment and circumstances in which a piece of surprising and consequential (or emotionally ... Flashbulb memory is an appropriate name for the phenomenon in that it suggests surprise, an indiscriminate illumination, and brevity ... Flashbulb memories, in actuality, are only somewhat indiscriminate and are far from complete ...
Autobiographical Memory - Accuracy - Vividness
... Some memories are extremely vivid ... For the person recalling vivid memories of personal significance, these memories *appear* to be more accurate than everyday memories ... These memories have been termed flashbulb memories ...

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