Flag and Coat of Arms of Negeri Sembilan

Flag And Coat Of Arms Of Negeri Sembilan

The flag and the coat of arms of Negeri Sembilan are state symbols of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Influenced by the heritage of the Minangkabau people, the original settlers in present day Negeri Sembilan, the symbols are predominantly depicted in red, black and yellow, traditional colours of the Minangkabau. Also recognised in the symbols are the political history of Negeri Sembilan, its ruler, and the state's past relationship with the British Empire.

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Flag And Coat Of Arms Of Negeri Sembilan - Coat of Arms
... The Negeri Sembilan coat of arms and state emblem is based on Western heraldry, but consists of only two heraldic elements The shield (escutcheon) and crest or helm the motto of the Negeri Sembilan arms, normally ... Like the flag, the Negeri Sembilan coat of arms uttilises the colours black, red and yellow with the minor addition of white ... Escutcheon The escutcheon of the arms is depicted as an Old French shield outlined in black and white ...

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