Firangi Mahal

Firangi Mahal (Hindi: फ़िरंगी महल, Urdu: فِرنگی محل‎, literally French Palace from Arabic فرنگی Firangi European, a corruption of Frank), also spelled Farangi Mahal (Hindi: फ़रंगी महल, Urdu: فرنگی محل) is a Religious Higher education school in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India.

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Islam In India - Role in Indian Independence Movement
... Among Muslim women, Hazrat Mahal, Asghari Begum, Bi Amma contributed in the struggle of freedom from the British ... In this period, the Ulama of Firangi Mahal, based first at Sehali in District Barabanki, and since 1690s based in Lucknow, educated and guided the Muslims ... The Firangi Mahal led and steered the Muslims of India ...
Firangi Mahal - From Arabia To India
... The Firangi Mahal family trace a direct, unbroken lineage to Abu Ayyub al-Ansari, a companion of Muhammad ... the famous, Shah Abdur Razzaq Bansavi(of Bansa), with whom in due course, the Ulama of Firangi Mahal were to develop a deep scholarly connection ...