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Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation - Regulation Under The Clean Water Act - EPA Final Rule (2008)
... The 2008 final rule revised and amended the 2003 final rule ... The 2008 rule addresses each point of the court's decision in Waterkeeper Alliance v ... for any CAFO that "discharges or proposes to discharge." The 2008 rule specifies that "a CAFO proposes to discharge if it is designed, constructed, operated, or maintained such that a discharge will ...
REAL ID Act - Analysis - Federally Mandated Standards For State Driver's Licenses or ID Cards - DHS Regulations Regarding Implementation of The Driver's License Provisions of The Act
... On January 11, 2008 DHS released the final rule regarding the implementation of the driver's licenses provisions of the Real ID Act ... Under the DHS final rule, those states that chose to comply with Driver's License provisions of the Real ID Act are allowed to apply for up to two extensions of the May 11 ... The DHS final rule mandates that, as of March 11, 2011, driver's licenses issued by the states that are not deemed to be in full compliance with the Real ID Act, will not be accepted for ...
Automatic Dependent Surveillance-broadcast - Final Rule - Summary of Final Rule
... This final rule will add equipage requirements and performance standards for ADS-B Out avionics ... Operators will have two options for equipage under this rule—the 1,090 megahertz extended squitter (ES) broadcast link or the Universal Access Transceiver (UAT ... The FAA has concluded that this rule will require only the performance requirements necessary for ADS-B Out ...
Emergency Planning And Community Right-to-Know Act - Toxic Chemical Release Inventory Reporting (Section 313)
... On October 29, 1999, EPA published a final rule (64 FR 58666) adding certain chemicals and chemical categories to the EPCRA section 313 list of toxic chemicals and lowering ... On January 17, 2001 EPA published a final rule (66 FR 4500) that classified lead and lead compounds as PBT chemicals and lowered their reporting thresholds ... In December 2006, the EPA finalized a new TRI Rule which expands eligibility for use of the Form A Certification Statement in lieu of the more detailed Form R ...
Sensitive Security Information - Background: Legislative and Regulatory History
22, 2002, FAA and TSA published a joint final rule transferring the bulk of FAA's aviation security rules, including FAA's SSI regulation to TSA as 49 CFR Part 1520 ... and clarify preexisting SSI provisions in an interim final rule (IFR) issued on May 18, 2004 ... The Rail Transportation Security Final Rule, published in the Federal Register on November 26, 2008, adds rail-related terms and covered persons to ...

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