Final Lap

Final Lap (ファイナルラップ, Fainaru Rappu?) is a racing video game produced by Namco, and released by Atari Games for the United States in 1987. It was the unofficial sequel to the popular Pole Position games. In many ways, this game can be considered Pole Position 3, as it improved upon its original formula and bears much similarity to its predecessor.

Final Lap was the first racing game to allow up to eight players to simultaneously race, on the Suzuka Circuit in a Formula One race. This was at the time considered a revolutionary feature, implemented by linking together multiple arcade machines. It was also arguably the first racing game to implement "rubber banding" to ensure that less talented players were never too far behind the leader, a concept that would be taken much further by the Mario Kart series. There was also a single player mode, in which player score was based on how far the car travelled until time ran out or if the player completes four laps (on default settings).

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