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List Of Harvard University People - Science, Technology, Medicine, and Mathematics
1962 Chemist, winner of the Wolf Prize in Chemistry in 1995/96 Neil deGrasse Tyson (born 1958) College 1980 Astrophysicist, Director of the Hayden Planetarium, Television Host Fe Del. 1960 Professor Mathematician Fields Medal winner Arthur Allen Hoag (1921–1999) Ph.D. 1961 Mathematician Fields Medal winner Major General Spurgeon Neel (1919–2003) M.P.H ...
List Of Russian People - Scientists and Scholars - Mathematicians
... and theoretical physicist, introduced quantum groups and ADHM construction, Fields Medal winner Eugene Dynkin, developed Dynkin diagram, Doob–Dynkin lemma and ... constant and Gelfond's constant, Wolf Prize in Mathematics winner Mikhail Gromov, a prominent developer of geometric group theory, inventor of homotopy principle, introduced Gromov's ... Wolf Prize winner Leonid Kantorovich, founder of linear programming, introduced the Kantorovich inequality and Kantorovich metric, developed the theory of optimal ...
Presidents Of The University Of Chicago - Mathematics
... Gödel Prize winner ... – Oskar Bolza – Luis Caffarelli – World leader in the field of partial differential equations ... Winner of Bôcher Memorial Prize, the Wolf Prize, and the National Medal of Science ...
List Of University Of Cambridge Members - Scientists, Technologists and Mathematicians
... (St John's) Mathematician and astronomer Lord Adrian (Trinity) Nobel Prize winner ... scientist Sir Edward Appleton (St John's) Nobel Prize winner ... Warren Anderson (Churchill/Jesus) Nobel Prize winner ...

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