Field Lines

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Gauss's Law For Magnetism - In Terms of Field Lines
... The magnetic field B, like any vector field, can be depicted via field lines (also called flux lines)-- that is, a set of curves whose direction corresponds to the ... Gauss's law for magnetism is equivalent to the statement that the field lines have neither a beginning nor an end Each one either forms a closed loop, winds around forever without ever quite joining back up to ...
Field Equation - Potential Theory - Poisson's Equation
... represent the mass density and charge densities for gravitational and electrostatic fields, respectivley ... where this equation comes from, we need to examine the form and source of the force fields ... Newtonian gravitation masses are the sources of the field so that field lines terminate at objects that have mass ...
Magnetosphere Of Jupiter - Dynamics - Influence of The Solar Wind
... In particular, magnetic field lines in the dusk sector are bent in the opposite direction to those in the dawn sector ... In addition, the dawn magnetosphere contains open field lines connecting to the magnetotail, whereas in the dusk magnetosphere, the field lines are closed ...
Magnetosphere Particle Motion
... ions and electrons of a plasma interacting with the Earth's magnetic field generally follow its magnetic field lines ... (Denser lines indicate a stronger force.) Plasmas exhibit more complex second-order behaviors, studied as part of magnetohydrodynamics ... magnetosphere and the solar wind is outlined by field lines ...
Atmospheric Electricity - Description - Polar Aurora
... reaches Earth with a velocity around 400 km/s, density around 5 ions/cc and magnetic field intensity around 2–5 nT (nanoteslas Earth's surface field is typically 30,000–50,000 nT) ... faster the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) may also be much stronger ... The IMF originates on the Sun, related to the field of sunspots, and its field lines (lines of force) are dragged out by the solar wind ...

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