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Freeman Dyson - Biography - Career in The United States
... that existed by that time – Richard Feynman's diagrams, on the one hand, and, on the other, the operator method developed by Julian Schwinger and Sin-Itiro Tomonaga ... He was the first person (besides Feynman) to appreciate the power of Feynman diagrams, and his paper written in 1948 and published in 1949 was the first to make use use of them ... He said in that paper that Feynman diagrams were not just a computational tool, but a physical theory, and developed rules for the diagrams that completely solved the renormalization problem ...
Mandelstam Variables - Feynman Diagrams
... These channels represent different Feynman diagrams or different possible scattering events where the interaction involves the exchange of an intermediate particle whose ...
Feynman Diagram - Nonperturbative Effects
... Thinking of Feynman diagrams as a perturbation series, nonperturbative effects like tunneling do not show up, because any effect which goes to zero faster than any polynomial does not affect the Taylor series ... But this point of view is misleading, because the diagrams not only describe scattering, but they also are a representation of the short-distance field ... configuration is a coherent superposition of particles whose local interactions are described by Feynman diagrams ...
Julian Schwinger - Biography - Schwinger and Feynman
... another legendary physicist of his generation, Richard Feynman ... By contrast, Feynman was more intuitive, believing that the physics could be extracted entirely from the Feynman diagrams, which gave a particle picture ... Schwinger commented on Feynman diagrams in the following way, “ Like the silicon chips of more recent years, the Feynman diagram was bringing computation to the masses ...
Effective Action - Mathematical Details
... separations, or in approximations using Feynman diagrams, connected components of the graph or in the deWitt notation But what if we have tadpoles? We can ... This corresponds to adding a Feynman rule corresponding to a coupling to the source ... For any Feynman diagram, a subtadpole is a subgraph corresponding to a component not connected to any of the external legs which arises after ...

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    Professors could silence me then; they had figures, diagrams, maps, books.... I was learning that books and diagrams can be evil things if they deaden the mind of man and make him blind or cynical before subjection of any kind.
    Agnes Smedley (1890–1950)

    If that’s the world’s smartest man, God help us.
    —Lucille Feynman, mother of American physicist Richard Feynman (1918-1988)