Ferrite may refer to:

  • Ferrite (iron), iron or iron alloys with a body centred cubic crystal structure.
  • Ferrite (magnet) (e.g. Fe3O4 or BaFe12O19), ferrimagnetic ceramic materials used in magnetic applications.
  • Ferrite bead, components placed on the end of data cables to reduce interference.
  • Ferrite core, a structure on which the windings of electric transformers and other wound components are formed.
  • Calcium aluminoferrite, Ca2(Al,Fe)2O5, a mineral found in cements

Other articles related to "ferrite, ferrites":

Ferrite Core - Ferrites
... Ferrites are ceramic compounds of the transition metals with oxygen, which are ferromagnetic but nonconductive ... Ferrites that are used in transformer or electromagnetic cores contain nickel, zinc, and/or manganese compounds ... They have a low coercivity and are called "soft ferrites" to distinguish them from "hard ferrites", which have a high coercivity and are used to make ferrite magnets ...
Acicular Ferrite
... Acicular ferrite is a microstructure of ferrite that is characterised by needle shaped crystallites or grains when viewed in two dimensions ... Acicular ferrite is formed in the interior of the original austenitic grains by direct nucleation from the inclusions, resulting in randomly oriented short ferrite needles with a 'basket weave' appearance ... Acicular ferrite is also characterised by high angle boundaries between the ferrite grains ...
Transformer Types - Power Transformers - Ferrite Core
... Ferrite core power transformers are widely used in switched-mode power supplies (SMPSs) ... Ferrite transformers are not used as power transformers at mains frequency since laminated iron cores cost less than an equivalent ferrite core ...
Magnetic Core Materials - Ferrite
... Ferrite ceramics are used for high-frequency applications ... The ferrite materials can be engineered with a wide range of parameters ...