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List Of Indonesian Dishes - Dishes
... with yellow noodles, bihun (rice vermicelli), vegetables, tofu, egg (wrapped within bakso), Chinese green cabbage, bean sprout, sprinkled with fried shallots and celery ... (beef jerky), omelette, anchovy, fried tempeh and tofu, rice vermicelli, fried mashed potato ... Oncom West Java Fermented food Fermented Tempe ...
Varieties - Processed Tofu - Fermented
... Pickled tofu (豆 腐 乳 in Chinese, pinyin dòufurǔ, lit ... tofu dairy," or 腐 乳 fùrǔ chao in Vietnamese) Also called "preserved tofu" or "fermented tofu," this food consists of cubes of dried tofu that have been allowed to fully air-dry ... The dry fermented tofu is then soaked in salt water, Chinese wine, vinegar, and minced chiles, or a unique mixture of whole rice, bean paste, and soybeans ...

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    Firm-style bean curd insoles cushion feet, absorb perspiration and provide more protein than meat or fish innersoles of twice the weight. Tofu compresses with use, becoming more pungent and flavorful. May be removed when not in use to dry or marinate. Innersoles are ready to eat after 1,200 miles of wear. Each pair provides adult protein requirement for 2 meals. Insoles are sized large to allow for snacks. Recipe booklet included.
    Alfred Gingold, U.S. humorist. Items From Our Catalogue, “Tofu Innersoles,” Avon Books (1982)