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Martial Club - Plot
... a series of lion dances in the opening minutes, Wong Fei Hung and his once-rival, now friend, find themselves and their martial arts schools pitted against a rival school which uses a kung fu ... After his friend Chu-Ying's brother is beat up in a brothel, Fei Hung goes to the rival school to confront them and Master Shan ... the first being an excellent fight in an alley between Fei Hung and Master Shan ...
Martial Masters - Characters
... Master Huang - He is not the same Huang Fei Hung from Alien Challenge however, they are both based on the real life folk hero Wong Fei Hung ... of a movie with the same name featuring Jackie Chan as the young Wong Fei Hung ... Saojin - Huang Fei Hung father's sworn sister and his sworn aunt, she is based in "13th aunt from the Once Upon a Time in China series ...
Lau Kong - Filmography - TVB
... Love and Passion Lip Eng 1983 Legend of the Condor Heroes Yuen-ngan Hung-lit Kwai Kum Ho Wan Detective Pik Lek Moh Min Tin See Battle at Xuanwu Gate Li Yuan The Smiling ...
Drunken Master II - Plot
... at a crowded train station, with Wong Fei Hung (Jackie Chan), his father Dr ... Wong Fei Hung is angry about having to pay a duty on the ginseng that Kei Ying is bringing back for a client ... Disobeying his father, Fei Hung hides the ginseng in the suitcase of an employee of the British consul to avoid the tax When the train makes a stop, Fei Hung and Tso create a diversion to ...
Men Don't Cry
... to Shi Jian, who had played as villains in many Wong Fei Hung movies featuring Kwan Tak Hing as Wong Fei Hung, and later in TVB's television series ... Reversing the trends set by previous Wong Fei Hung stories, the title archvillain assumes the leading role of the series, with Wong Fei Hung as the supporting role ...

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