Fedayeen Saddam

Fedayeen Saddam (فدائيي صدام) was a paramilitary organization loyal to the former Ba'athist government of Saddam Hussein. The name was chosen to mean "Saddam's Men of Sacrifice". At its height, the group had 30,000-40,000 members.

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Fedayeen Saddam - History - Iraqi Insurgency
... of Baghdad effectively ended the existence of the Fedayeen Saddam as an organized paramilitary ... to carry on the fight even after the fall of Saddam Hussein from power ... Some units of the Fedayeen also continued to operate independently of other insurgent organizations in the Sunni areas of Iraq ...
Iraqi Insurgency - Conflict Parties - Arab Nationalist - Ba'athists
... include former Ba'ath Party officials, the Fedayeen Saddam, and some former agents of the Iraqi intelligence elements and security services, such as the ... Their goal, at least before the capture of Saddam Hussein, was the restoration of the former Ba'athist regime to power ... and its militias as a cellular structure aided the continued pro-Saddam resistance after the fall of Baghdad, and Iraqi intelligence operatives may have developed a plan for guerrilla war following the toppling of ...

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    There’s no telling what might have happened to our defense budget if Saddam Hussein hadn’t invaded Kuwait that August and set everyone gearing up for World War II½. Can we count on Saddam Hussein to come along every year and resolve our defense-policy debates? Given the history of the Middle East, it’s possible.
    —P.J. (Patrick Jake)