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Other Shell and UI Improvements

  • Per-user Recycle Bin for NTFS volumes. In earlier versions of Windows NT, one user could see the other user's deleted files located in the Recycle Bin.
  • Folder options to restore previously open folder windows at logon (restoring Explorer sessions)
  • Customizable infotips on a per-file-class (file type) basis without writing shell extensions
  • Windows Explorer is content-dependent, that is, it attempts to detect the dominant type of files in a folder and then selects the most appropriate view for the user automatically unless the user manually sets the view.
  • A "Tiles" view was added, which displays the file’s icon in a larger size (48 × 48), and places the file name, descriptive type, and additional information by which the items are sorted (typically the file size for data files, and the publisher name for applications) to the right.
  • The toolbars can be locked to prevent them from being accidentally moved. This same capability was also added to Internet Explorer’s toolbars.
  • The "Line up icons" feature in the context menu has been replaced by an "Align to grid" feature which when turned on always lines up icons.
  • For unknown/undefined file types which inexperienced users may get confused when double clicked, Windows XP can contact a web service which shows additional information about that file type and what program created or can open that file type.
  • If an image named "Folder.jpg" is placed inside a folder, that image will be used as the thumbnail for that folder and as Album Art for media files in Windows Media Player.
  • EFS-encrypted files can be shown in an alternate color (green by default) beginning with Windows XP.
  • File and folder size information is shown in tooltips upon mouse hover. For folders, size and partial folder contents are shown.
  • When opening more than 15 files in a single operation, i.e. by selecting multiple files and pressing enter, Windows XP warns the user that Windows Explorer may become unresponsive, but still allows the user to do so.
  • Windows Explorer supports a very basic form of mass renaming items.
  • Marquee-style progress bars.
  • A hyperlink control in system supplied common controls.

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