FCS Network - Sensors and Platforms Layer

Sensors and Platforms Layer

Sensors are the hardware and software that will provide FCS with the ability to "see first" and achieve situational awareness and understanding of the battlefield. Sensor layer allows soldiers to detect, identify, and track both enemy and friendly systems and to survey the terrain around them. The intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance sensors will be integrated onto all manned and unmanned ground vehicles, and will be capable of accomplishing a variety of missions. The unmanned aerial vehicles will be able to maneuver to an area of attack and the onboard sensors will provide surveillance of targets and terrain, among other functions. In addition, FCS has two types of unattended ground sensor systems, Tactical-Unattended Ground Sensors (T-UGS) and Urban-Unattended Ground Sensors (U-UGS). T-UGS provide intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance awareness to the BCTs, while U-UGS support clearing operations in confined spaces or urban chokepoints. All sensors are connected to the Common Operational Picture. The Common Operational Picture (COP) gives the Soldier a good overview and understanding of their battlespace.

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