Fascist Regime

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Royal Academy Of Italy - Structure and History
... the Academy served to unify and strengthen the Fascist regime's hold on intellectual activity in Italy, as the Academy demanded that all its members swear loyalty to Fascism and Italy ... at rewarding real talent rather than just loyalty to the regime ... After the collapse of the Fascist regime in 1943 and the installation of the puppet Fascist regime in the Italian Social Republic, a new version of the Academy was briefly reopened ...
Fascism and The Italian Empire (1922–1940)
... In 1922, the leader of the Italian fascist movement, Benito Mussolini, became Prime Minister of Italy after a coup d'état ... To the west of Italy, the Fascists claimed that the territories of Corsica, Nice, and Savoy held by France, were Italian lands ... In Eastern Europe, the Fascist regime held imperial designs on Albania, Dalmatia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vardar Macedonia, and ...
Terst - History - Annexation To Italy
... riots, which culminated when a group of Italian Fascists, led by Francesco Giunta, burned down the Narodni dom ("National House"), the community hall of Trieste's ... After the emergence of the Fascist regime in 1922, an official policy of Italianization continued ... started to appear, and the Slovene militant anti-fascist organization TIGR carried out several bomb attacks in the city centre ...
Fascisti - History - World War I and Aftermath (1914–1929)
... Germany and Austria-Hungary on the grounds that their reactionary regimes needed to be defeated to ensure the success of socialism ... Antagonism between interventionists, including Fascists, and anti-interventionist socialists resulted in violence ... Fascists viewed World War I as bringing revolutionary changes in the nature of war, society, the state, and technology, as the advent of total war and mass mobilization had broken ...
Italian Fascism - Tenets - Traditionalism and Modernism
... Mussolini in a famous speech in 1926, called for Fascist art that was "traditionalist and at the same time modern, that looks to the past and at the same time to ... Roman civilization were utilized by the Fascists, particularly the fasces that symbolized unity, authority, and the exercise of power ... Other traditional symbols of ancient Rome used by the Fascists included the she-wolf of Rome ...

Famous quotes containing the words regime and/or fascist:

    I always draw a parallel between oppression by the regime and oppression by men. To me it is just the same. I always challenge men on why they react to oppression by the regime, but then they do exactly the same things to women that they criticize the regime for.
    Sethembile N., South African black anti-apartheid activist. As quoted in Lives of Courage, ch. 19, by Diana E. H. Russell (1989)

    I have often thought that if a rational Fascist dictatorship were to exist, then it would choose the American system.
    Noam Chomsky (b. 1928)