Fall Asleep

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Logotherapy - Logotherapeutic Views and Treatment - Treatment of Neurosis
... not getting a good night's sleep may try too hard (that is, hyper-intend) to fall asleep, and this would hinder his ability to do so ... would recommend, then, that he go to bed and intentionally try not to fall asleep ... anxiety which kept him awake in the first place, thus allowing him to fall asleep in an acceptable amount of time ...
Don't Fall Asleep (Horror Pt. 2)
... "Don't Fall Asleep" (full title "Don't Fall Asleep (Horror pt.2)") is a CD single by Swallow the Sun, released in 2007 by Spinefarm Records ...
Multiple Sleep Latency Test
... people are, the faster they will fall asleep ... is to discover how readily a person will fall asleep in a conducive setting, how consistent or variable this is, and the way they fall asleep in terms of REM ...
Sleep Onset Latency - Sleep Latency Studies
... experimental results, they realized that the amount of time it took to fall asleep in bed was closely linked to the subjects' own self-evaluated level of sleepiness ... number of minutes, ranging from 0 to 20, that it took a subject to fall asleep ... subjects could fall asleep in less than a minute ...
One-Eye, Two-Eyes, And Three-Eyes - Synopsis
... her and so sang Little One Eye a song to make her one eye fall asleep ... the fresh air made her so tired she fell asleep and that was why she did not see what Little Two Eyes had done, so the next day the mother sent Little Three Eyes to watch Little Two eyes when ... had been sent to watch her and so meant to sing her song to make her three eyes fall asleep but instead she sang a song to only make two of her eyes fall asleep ...

Famous quotes containing the words asleep and/or fall:

    In a herber green, asleep where I lay,
    The birds sang sweet in the mids of the day;
    I dreamed fast of mirth and play.
    In youth is pleasure, in youth is pleasure.
    Robert Wever (fl. C. 1550)

    Blond lady,
    do you love us, love us, love us?
    As I love America, you might mutter,
    before you fall asleep.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)