Faint Smile

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List Of Claymore Chapters - Volume List
03 Teresa of the Faint Smile Bishō no Teresa (微笑のテレサ) November 1, 2002 ISBN 978-4-08-873343-2 August 1, 2006 ISBN 978-1-4215-0620-3 Scene 10 ... "Teresa of the Faint Smile, Part 1" (微笑のテレサ Ⅰ, "Bishō no Teresa I"?) Scene 13 ... "Teresa of the Faint Smile, Part 2" (微笑のテレサ Ⅱ, "Bishō no Teresa II"?) Scene 14 ...
List Of Claymore Characters - Main Characters - Teresa
... name テレサ Teresa Nickname Teresa of the Faint Smile (微笑のテレサ Bishō no Teresa) Rank No ... Shōsaina yōki kanchi) Status Killed by Priscilla Teresa of the Faint Smile is so named as she has no apparent technique or personality trait—only her faint smile ...

Famous quotes containing the words smile and/or faint:

    Better to smile on all that smile, and show
    There is a comfortable kind of old scarecrow.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    I lately met with an old volume from a London bookshop, containing the Greek Minor Poets, and it was a pleasure to read once more only the words Orpheus, Linus, Musæus,—those faint poetic sounds and echoes of a name, dying away on the ears of us modern men; and those hardly more substantial sounds, Mimnermus, Ibycus, Alcæus, Stesichorus, Menander. They lived not in vain. We can converse with these bodiless fames without reserve or personality.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)