Facets may refer to:

  • Facets (album), an album by Jim Croce
  • Facets Multi-Media, a Chicago-area non-profit arts organization
  • "Facets (DS9 episode)", an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • FACETS ("Fast Analog Computing with Emerging Transient States"), a neuroscience project
  • the plural of facet, a term for flat faces on geometric shapes

Other articles related to "facets, facet":

Facets Multi-Media
... Facets Multi-Media is a film organization in Chicago, Illinois, formed in 1975 ... Besides its facilities in Chicago, Facets Multi-Media also runs Facets Video, one of the largest distributors of foreign film in the United States ...
Polyhedral Combinatorics - Facets of 0-1 Polytopes
... context of cutting-plane methods for integer programming to be able to describe accurately the facets of polytopes that have vertices corresponding to the solutions of combinatorial optimization problems ... and the non-negativity constraints define facets of the Birkhoff polytope within that subspace ... unusual in that a complete description of its facets is available ...
Artificial Facet Replacement
... An artificial facet replacement is a joint prosthesis intended to replace the natural facets by restoring normal (or near-normal) motion while providing stabilization of ... or deformities of the lumbar spine including Degenerative disease of the facets Degenerative disease of the facets with instability Grade 1 degenerative spondylolisthesis with objective evidence ... Facet replacements are a relatively new technology ...
Chicago International Children's Film Festival
... Founded in 1975, Facets Multi-Media, located at 1517 W ... Fullerton Avenue, Chicago, 60614 Facets Multi-Media is the largest conservator dedicated to the exhibition, distribution education of foreign, independent classic cinema ... Programs include Facets Cinematheque, Facets Rentals, Facets Film School, Facets DVD label and Facets’ Children’s Programs which organizes Facets’ Chicago International Children’s Film Festival ...