Extremal Length

In the mathematical theory of conformal and quasiconformal mappings, the extremal length of a collection of curves is a conformal invariant of . More specifically, suppose that is an open set in the complex plane and is a collection of paths in and is a conformal mapping. Then the extremal length of is equal to the extremal length of the image of under . For this reason, the extremal length is a useful tool in the study of conformal mappings. Extremal length can also be useful in dimensions greater than two, but the following deals primarily with the two dimensional setting.

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Quasiconformal Mapping - Definition
... eigenvalues represent, respectively, the squared length of the major and minor axis of the ellipse obtained by pulling back along f the unit circle in the tangent plane ... A definition based on the notion of extremal length is as follows ... If there is a finite K such that for every collection Γ of curves in D the extremal length of Γ is at most K times the extremal length of { ƒ o γ γ ∈ Γ } ...
Discrete Extremal Length
... There are two variants of extremal length in this setting ... To define the edge extremal length, originally introduced by R ... The -length of a path is defined as the sum of over all edges in the path, counted with multiplicity ...

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