Expression may refer to:

Symbolic expression

  • Expression (language), a thought communicated by language
  • Expression (mathematics), a finite combination of symbols that are well-formed according to applicable rules
  • Expression (programming), an instruction to execute something that will return a value
  • Regular expression, a means of matching strings of text in computing
  • Expression marks, (music) notating the musical dynamics

Bodily expression

  • The expression of milk
  • Emotional expression, verbal and non-verbal behaviour that communicates emotion
  • Facial expression, a movement of the face that conveys emotional state
  • Gene expression, the process by which information from a gene is used in biochemistry
  • Expression (sign language), the expressions and postures of the face and body that contribute to the formation of words when signing

Product names

  • Expression (album), an album by John Coltrane
  • Expressions (album), an album by Chick Corea
  • Expressions, an album by Jon Secada
  • Expression crew, a breakdance crew.
  • Expressions, the annual magazine of Vidyalankar Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India
  • Microsoft Expression Studio, a digital media and graphic design suite
  • Ex'pression College for Digital Arts, a college in Emeryville, California for the entertainment industry

Other articles related to "expression":

... A frown (also known as a scowl) is a facial expression in which the eyebrows are brought together, and the forehead is wrinkled, usually indicating displeasure, sadness or worry, or less often ... in North America it is primarily thought of as an expression of the mouth ... The mouth expression is also commonly referred to in the colloquial English phrase "turn that frown upside down" which indicates changing from sad to happy ...
Propositional Formula
... A propositional formula may also be called a propositional expression, a sentence, or a sentential formula ... formula is not a proposition but a formal expression that denotes a proposition, a formal object under discussion, just like an expression such as "x + y" is not a value, but denotes a value ...
UHRF1 - Function
... binds to specific DNA sequences, and recruits a histone deacetylase to regulate gene expression ... Its expression peaks at late G1 phase and continues during G2 and M phases of the cell cycle ... topoisomerase II alpha and retinoblastoma gene expression, and functions in the p53-dependent DNA damage checkpoint ...
Oldsmobile Expression
... The Oldsmobile Expression was a 1990 concept vehicle ... The Expression was a 4-door wagon that featured fiberglass exterior panels and 6 passenger (2+2+2) seating ... Aerotech I (1987) Aerotech II (1989) Tube Car (1989) Aerotech III (1989) Expression (1990) Antares (1995) Alero Alpha (1997) Recon (1999) Profile (2000) O4 (2001) ...

Famous quotes containing the word expression:

    This is the great truth life has to teach us ... that gratification of our individual desires and expression of our personal preferences without consideration for their effect upon others brings in the end nothing but ruin and devastation.
    Hortense Odlum (1892–?)

    I fear chiefly lest my expression may not be extra-vagant enough, may not wander far enough beyond the narrow limits of my daily experience, so as to be adequate to the truth of which I have been convinced.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Parents do not give up their children to strangers lightly. They wait in uncertain anticipation for an expression of awareness and interest in their children that is as genuine as their own. They are subject to ambivalent feelings of trust and competitiveness toward a teacher their child loves and to feelings of resentment and anger when their child suffers at her hands. They place high hopes in their children and struggle with themselves to cope with their children’s failures.
    Dorothy H. Cohen (20th century)