EV, eV, or e. V. may refer to:

  • Electronvolt or eV, a unit of energy
  • Eingetragener Verein or e.V., a registered voluntary association in Germany
  • Electric vehicle, a vehicle using an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine
  • Electro-Voice, a United States manufacturer of speakers, amplifiers, microphones and other audio equipment
  • Embedded value, the present value of future profits for a life insurance company
  • Enterprise value, an economic measure reflecting the market value of a whole business
  • Equivalent variation, a measure of how much more money a consumer would pay before a price increase to avert the price increase
  • Evolution Data Optimized, a telecommunications standard for the wireless transmission of data through radio signals
  • Expected value, the mean of a random variable's probability distribution.
  • Exposure value, a combination of shutter speed and aperture in photography
  • Extended Validation Certificate, a type of X.509 Certificate used in securing computer communications
  • Land of Ev, a fairy country in Ozma of Oz
  • Common Era or Era vulgaris
  • Atlantic Southeast Airlines's IATA airline designator

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