Eric Bloodaxe - Ancestors From The Sagas

Ancestors From The Sagas

Ancestry of Eric Bloodaxe given in the sagas - many connections are dubious
16. Halfdan the Mild
8. Gudrød the Hunter
17. Liv Dagsdotter
4. Halfdan the Black
18. Harald Granraude
9. Åsa Haraldsdottir of Agder
19. Gunnhild Ragnvaldsdotter
2. Harald I of Norway
20. Helgi the Sharp
10. Sigurd Hart
21. Aslaug Sigurdsdotter
5. Ragnhild Sigurdsdotter
22. Harald Klak
11. Ingeborg (or Thorny) Haraldsdotter
23. Sigrid Helgesdotter
1. Eric Bloodaxe
24. Eric I, King of Jutland
12. Eric Ericsson
6. Eric II, king of Jutland
3. Ragnhildr in ríka
28. Hemming of Denmark (Also spelled Halvdan)
14. Harald Klak
29. Helga Dagsdottir
7. Gisela Haraldsdotter
30. Helgi the Sharp
15. Sigrid Helgesdotter
31. Aslaug Sigurdsdotter

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