Erect may refer to:

  • Erect (position), something having an essentially upright position or vertical habit
  • Erect, North Carolina, an unincorporated community in Randolph County, United States
  • Erect chickweed (Moenchia erecta), a plant species
  • Erect clematis (Clematis recta), a plant species
  • Erect-crested penguin (Eudyptes sclateri), a penguin species from New Zealand
  • erect image, an image that appears right-side up in optics
  • Erect prickly pear (Opuntia stricta), a sprawling shrub species
  • Erect the Youth Problem, the only album released by American punk trio Wives
  • Erect sundew (Drosera stricticaulis), a perennial tuberous carnivorous plant species

Other articles related to "erect":

Centaurium Erythraea
... This is an erect biennial herb which reaches half a meter in height ... It grows from a small basal rosette and bolts a leafy, erect stem which may branch ... The triangular leaves are arranged oppositely on the stem and the erect inflorescences emerge from the stem and grow parallel to it, sometimes tangling with the foliage ...
Human Penis Size - Studies On Penis Size - Erect Circumference
... of the circumference of the adult fully erect penis, with the measurement taken mid-shaft ... measurements were taken in a laboratory setting, the average penis circumference when erect was 4.8 inches (12.3 cm) ...
Lepidothamnus Laxifolius - Taxonomy
... three species have a distinctive cone morphology not shared with other podocarps with its erect ovule, as well as the absence of resin ducts in the leaves ... Each fertile bracts supports an erect ovule in its axil and this ovule remains erect throughout its development ...
Clarkia Jolonensis - Description
... This is an erect annual herb growing a hairless, waxy stem up to about half a meter in maximum height ... The top of the stem is occupied by an erect inflorescence with opening flowers below an erect array of closed, hanging flower buds ... inflorescence with closely packed nodding flower buds, while the latter has an erect, widely spaced inflorescence ...
Erect, North Carolina
... Erect, North Carolina is an unincorporated community in Randolph County, North Carolina, United States, and part of the Piedmont Triad metropolitan ... Erect is located on NC 42, seven miles east of the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, and two miles west of Coleridge ... Erect was founded in the 18th century by German and English settlers, along with the nearby communities of Steeds, Sophia, Whynot, Hemp, and Lonely ...

Famous quotes containing the word erect:

    If with light head erect I sing,
    Though all the muses lend their force,
    From my poor love of anything,
    The verse is weak and shallow as its source.

    But if with bended neck I grope,
    Listening behind me for my wit,
    With faith superior to hope,
    More anxious to keep back than forward it,
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    When our two souls stand up erect and strong,
    Face to face, silent, drawing nigh and nigher,
    Until the lengthening wings break into fire
    Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806–1861)

    New York, you are an Egypt! But an Egypt turned inside out. For she erected pyramids of slavery to death, and you erect pyramids of democracy with the vertical organ-pipes of your skyscrapers all meeting at the point of infinity of liberty!
    Salvador Dali (1904–1989)