• (adj): Furnished with all equipment needed for voyaging.
    Synonyms: fitted out
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Katanpää Class Mine Countermeasure Vessel - Technical Details
... The Katanpää-class vessels will be equipped with an extensive array of equipment to search for, locate and destroy naval mines, ranging from two autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) and two remotely operated ... It is equipped with a multibeam echosounder (MBES), a smaller version of the one mounted on the hull of the vessel ... In addition the vessels will be equipped with American-made Klein Associates Klein 5500 towed side-scanning sonars ...
Ultraman Tiga - Mecha
... It is also equipped with the Neo-Maxima cannon ... Machine Sherlock (GUTS Car) A modified Chevrolet Camaro, equipped with cannons above the roof ... Machine De La Mu A modified Chevrolet Blazer, equipped with Degner Canon on the roof ...
Chrysler Electronic Lean Burn
... From 1976 through 1989, Chrysler equipped many vehicles with their Electronic Lean Burn (ELB) system, which consisted of a spark control computer and various sensors and transducers ... Engines equipped with ELB used fixed-timing distributors without the traditional vacuum and centrifugal timing advance mechanisms ... systems produced exhaust clean enough for many vehicle variants so equipped to pass 1976 and 1977 US Federal emissions regulations, and Canadian emissions ...
Jagdgeschwader 5 - History - 1943
... and IV./JG 5 were stationed in Southern Norway, being equipped with the Fw 190A-2, A-3 and A-4 ... IV./JG 5 were distributed on bases around Trondheim, and were equipped with Bf 109Fs and Fw 190As ... Gruppe faced the Soviets on the Polar Sea Front at this time they were equipped with the Bf 109F-4 ...
No. 316 Polish Fighter Squadron - History
... No 316 Squadron was formed at Pembrey on 15 February 1941 as a Polish fighter unit equipped with Hawker Hurricane Mk.Is ... It was engaged in defensive duties over south-west England until it re-equipped with Hurricanes Mk.IIs and began sweeps over northern France ... It later re-equipped with the Spitfire and then Mustang aircraft ...

More definitions of "equipped":

  • (adj): Carrying weapons.
    Synonyms: weaponed
  • (adj): Provided with whatever is necessary for a purpose (as furniture or equipment or authority).
    Synonyms: furnished
  • (adj): Prepared with proper equipment.
    Example: "Equipped for service in the Arctic"
    Synonyms: fitted out
  • (adj): Provided or fitted out with what is necessary or useful or appropriate.
    Example: "A well equipped playground"; "a ship equipped with every mechanical aid to navigation"
    Synonyms: equipt

Famous quotes containing the word equipped:

    Information about child development enhances parents’ capacity to respond appropriately to their children. Informed parents are better equipped to problem-solve, more confident of their decisions, and more likely to respond sensitively to their children’s developmental needs.
    L. P. Wandersman (20th century)

    The ignorant are a reservoir of daring. It almost seems that those who have yet to discover the known are particularly equipped for dealing with the unknown. The unlearned have often rushed in where the learned feared to tread, and it is the credulous who are tempted to attempt the impossible. They know not whither they are going, and give chance a chance.
    Eric Hoffer (1902–1983)

    Adolescents, for all their self-involvement, are emerging from the self-centeredness of childhood. Their perception of other people has more depth. They are better equipped at appreciating others’ reasons for action, or the basis of others’ emotions. But this maturity functions in a piecemeal fashion. They show more understanding of their friends, but not of their teachers.
    Terri Apter (20th century)