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Cell Polarity - Examples of Polarized Cells - Epithelial Cells
... Epithelial cells adhere to one another through tight junctions, desmosomes and adherens junctions, forming sheets of cells that line the surface of the ... These cells have an apical-basal polarity defined by the apical membrane facing the outside surface of the body, or the lumen of internal cavities, and the basolateral ... The basolateral membrane refers to both the lateral membrane where cell-cell junctions connect neighboring cells and to the basal membrane where cells are attached to the basement ...
Secreted Frizzled-related Protein 1 - Function - Wnt-dependent Signaling
... as the “canonical” Wnt pathway), which manages cell fate determination by regulating gene expression ... can be driven by B-catenin in normal intestinal epithelial cells ... Neoplastic epithelial cells were treated with lithium chloride, which inhibits GSK3B and thus stabilizes B-catenin ...
Interleukin 22
... process • acute-phase response • inflammatory response • cell-cell signaling Sources Amigo / QuickGO Orthologs Species Human Mouse Entrez 50929 ... Ensembl ... It shares use of IL-10R2 in cell signaling with other members of this family, IL-10, IL-26, IL-28A/B and IL-29 ... IL-22 is produced by activated DC and T cells and initiates innate immune responses against bacterial pathogens especially in epithelial cells such as respiratory and gut epithelial cells ...
Cingulin - Function
... Cingulin is specifically localized at tight junctions in epithelial cells, unlike ZO-1, which is also detected at adherens-type junctions in non-epithelial cells ... and other junctional proteins, that are targeted to the new regions of cell-cell contact via the lateral domain ... is confirmed by the observation that epithelial cells lacking ZO-1 lose cingulin junctional staining ...
Hepar - Development - Organogenesis
... portion of the foregut endoderm (endoderm being one of the 3 embryonic germ cell layers) and the constituents of the adjacent septum transversum mesenchyme ... The hepatic endodermal cells undergo a morphological transition from columnar to pseudostratified resulting in thickening into the early liver bud ... Hepatic stellate cells are derived from mesenchyme ...

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