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Arts and Entertainment

  • EP (The 77s EP), a 1999 rock album
  • EP (Childish Gambino EP), 2011 album from rapper Childish Gambino
  • EP (The Fiery Furnaces album), a 2003 indie rock album
  • EP (The Format album), 2002 work
  • EP (Hope&Social EP), 2008 work
  • EP (Luna EP), a 1996 indie pop/rock album
  • EP (Mogwai EP), a 1999 Scottish post-rock album
  • Singles: $100 EP (Alien Ant Farm album)
  • Edgar Allan Poe, an American storywriter
  • En passant (e.p.), a chess maneuver
  • Entity Paradigm, a Pakistani rock band
  • Europa-Park, a theme park in Germany
  • Executive producer, non-technical producer of an entertainment production
  • The Electric Playground, a news show on the American G4 television channel

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    The arts are not just instantaneous pleasure—if you don’t like it, the artist is wrong. I belong to the generation which says if you don’t like it, you don’t understand and you ought to find out.
    John Drummond (b. 1934)