Environmental Health Perspectives

Environmental Health Perspectives, usually referred to as EHP is a peer-reviewed journal published monthly by the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS). The primary purpose of EHP is to communicate recent scientific findings and trends in the environmental health sciences; to improve the environmental health knowledge base among researchers, administrators, and policy makers; and to inform the public about important topics in environmental health.

EHP publishes original research, reviews, commentaries, editorials, and news from a wide range of scientific disciplines encompassing basic research, human studies, and in vitro and in vivo research with a clear relationship to human health effects. The journal also publishes a bimonthly Chinese-language edition.

Research areas that are highly represented in EHP include epidemiology, toxicology, exposure science, risk assessment, public health, and climate change. In addition, each issue includes a section devoted to children's health research, and each year children's health is the focus of the October issue. EHP also addresses ethical, legal, social, and policy issues, as well as studies dealing with ecological issues or effects on wildlife when the relevance of their findings to human health is evident.

EHP is an open-access journal; its content is available free of charge online at http://www.ehponline.org. EHP supports global environmental health research through its policy of open access and commitment to dissemination of research and information to the developing world. In 2011, 37% of papers published in EHP were from corresponding authors residing outside the United States. EHP is read in 219 countries.

As a publication of the U.S. Federal Government, EHP's content is considered public domain, except for images that have been licensed for illustrative purposes. Content is also available through an app for iPhone/iPod Touch.

Authors are required to pay manuscript processing fees to have their peer-reviewed articles published in EHP. The journal provides Advance Publication versions of papers upon acceptance and deposits their content into PubMed.

EHP has an impact factor of 7.04.

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