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Indiver - Complete List of Names of Bhagawan Vishnu - 1,000 Names of Lord Vishnu in English Alphabetical Order
... whom there is no other to command adhishthaanam The substratum of the entire universe adhokshajah One whose vitality never flows downwards adhritah Without support adrishyah Imperceptible agraahyah He who is not ... the earth gopatih The shepherd goptaa Protector of the universe goptaa The protector govidaam-patih The Lord of all men of wisdom govindah One who is known through ...
God In Hinduism - Concept of God in Arya Samaj
... “He is the One who maintains the entire universe ... He is the One who has created the entire universe ... represents selflessness, controls the entire universe, is present everywhere and is the Devata of all Devatas, alone is source of bliss ...

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    Nothing is accidental in the universe—this is one of my Laws of Physics—except the entire universe itself, which is Pure Accident, pure divinity.
    Joyce Carol Oates (b. 1938)

    All the universe over, there is but one thing, this old Two- Face, creator-creature, mind-matter, right-wrong, of which any proposition may be affirmed or denied.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    Authors communicate with the people by some special extrinsic mark; I am the first to do so by my entire being, as Michel de Montaigne.
    Michel de Montaigne (1533–1592)