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Engine Speed

Engine speed is measured in revolutions per minute (RPM). Engines may be classified as low-speed, medium-speed or high-speed but these terms are inexact and depend on the type of engine being described.

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Clutch Control - Benefits - Changing From First To Second Gear Under Maximum Power
... As the clutch slips, engine speed is lost but torque is not lost except through the effect of the new engine speed on the engine torque itself ... In most car engines the torque output is higher as the engine speed increases up to 4500RPM or more ... It is not necessary to maintain high engine speed to properly operate a motor vehicle ...
Shift Light
... Ideally a shift lamp will illuminate at the engine speed beyond that which delivers the maximum BHP such that the BHP before and after shifting is the same ... Accelerating the engine beyond this point is not conducive to rapid acceleration ... began to have shift lights as standard equipment these would usually signal for an upshift at an engine speed that provided maximum fuel efficiency, lower than the ideal engine speed for ...
Common Rail - Principles
... In order to lower engine noise, the engine's electronic control unit can inject a small amount of diesel just before the main injection event ("pilot" injection), thus ... Common rail engines require very short (< 10 second) or no heating-up time at all, dependent on ambient temperature, and produce lower engine noise and emissions than ... Diesel engines have historically used various forms of fuel injection ...
Trionic 8 - Throttle Regulation
... torque can be higher than that requested by ECM when, for example Maximum engine torque at the current operating point has already been attained The ... Fuel injection is sequential and regulated with air mass per combustion and engine speed as parameters ... can be almost eliminated Exhaust emissions are reduced during changes in load Idle speed control is integrated Load compensation is possible over the entire load and engine speed range Efficient engine ...
Turboglide - Operation
... transmissions have a three element torque converter, consisting of an impeller, which is an engine driven pump turbine that rotates with the flywheel, a transmission drive turbine ... turbine, the oil is passed to the direct turbine which is direct drive at driveshaft speed ... reduction ratio is relatively easy to bring up to match pump (engine) speed and the car starts from rest easily and accelerates quickly ...

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