Engel means angel in some Germanic languages and may refer to:

  • "Engel" (song), performed by Rammstein
  • Engel (role-playing game), a 2002 role-playing game
  • Engel (band), Swedish industrial/melodic death metal band
  • Engel group, in mathematics
  • Engel's theorem, in mathematics
  • Engel expansion, in mathematics
  • Engel curve, in economics

Notable people with the surname Engel include:

  • Albert J. Engel (1888–1959), U.S. Representative from Michigan
  • Beverly Engel, psychotherapist
  • Carl Engel (1883–1944), French-born US composer
  • Carl Ludvig Engel (1778–1840), German-born Estonian/Finnish architect
  • David Engel (actor), Broadway singer, dancer, and actor
  • David Engel (historian), US Holocaust historian
  • Erich Engel (1891–1966), German actor
  • Ernst Engel (1821–1896), German statistician
  • Friedrich Engel (mathematician) (1861–1941), German mathematician
  • Friedrich Engel (SS officer) (1909–2006), Schutzstaffel officer
  • Georgia Engel (born 1948), US film and television actress
  • Heinfried Engel (born 1947), German pole vaulter
  • Howard Engel (born 1932), Canadian mystery writer and producer
  • Jerzy Engel (born 1952), former Polish football manager
  • Joel Engel (composer) (1868–1927), Russian-born Jewish composer
  • Joel S. Engel (born 1936), US engineer and scientist
  • Johann Jakob Engel (1741–1802), German philosophical writer
  • Jules Engel (1909–2003), American filmmaker, artist
  • Julius Engel (1842–1926), German judge and politician
  • Karl Engel (1923–2006), Swiss pianist
  • Karl Engel (footballer) (born 1952), Swiss football goalkeeper
  • Lehman Engel (1910–1982), US composer and conductor
  • Marian Engel (1933–1985), Canadian novelist
  • Maro Engel (born 1985), German auto racing driver
  • Michael S. Engel (born 1971), US paleontologist and entomologist
  • Natascha Engel (born 1967), British Member of Parliament
  • Richard Engel (born 1973), US television journalist and author
  • S. Morris Engel (born 1931), author, philosopher, and linguist

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Famous quotes containing the word engel:

    Shakespeare was not meant for taverns, nor for tavern louts.
    —Samuel G. Engel (1904–1984)

    Now folks, I hereby declare the first church of Tombstone, which ain’t got no name yet or no preacher either, officially dedicated. Now I don’t pretend to be no preacher, but I’ve read the Good Book from cover to cover and back again, and I nary found one word agin dancin’. So we’ll commence by havin’ a dad blasted good dance.
    —Samuel G. Engel (1904–1984)