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State University And College (Philippines) - Endowment
... Collectively, SUCs have a student population of approximately 865,000, which means that every student is subsidized by an average of PHP 24,000 per school year ... Each Filipino family contributes PHP 1,185 a year to run these schools through their tax payments ...
List Of Cal Poly Pomona Presidents - Organization and Administration - Endowment
... Cal Poly's financial endowment is currently valued at almost $56 million ... In fall 2010, Cal Poly embarked on its first comprehensive fundraising campaign ...
Skolkovo Moscow School Of Management - Operations - Skolkovo Endowment Fund
... Russian educational institution to establish an endowment fund (March 29, 2007) ... The idea behind an endowment fund is to provide long-term financing for charity and socially sensitive projects ... In case of business schools endowment funds allow development of R D programmes as well as financing scholarships and grants ...
Endowment - Other
... Endowment (philosophy) as a philosophical term Endowment (Latter Day Saints) a temple ceremony that confers heavenly priesthood power in Mormon theology A term for when one person's traits are magically ...

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    The parent must not give in to his desire to try to create the child he would like to have, but rather help the child to develop—in his own good time—to the fullest, into what he wishes to be and can be, in line with his natural endowment and as the consequence of his unique life in history.
    Bruno Bettelheim (20th century)

    ... it matters not what natural endowment a race may have if it prostitutes itself to the service of death.
    Rebecca West (1892–1983)

    I wish more and more that health were studied half as much as disease is. Why, with all the endowment of research against cancer is no study made of those who are free from cancer? Why not inquire what foods they eat, what habits of body and mind they cultivate? And why never study animals in health and natural surroundings? why always sickened and in an environment of strangeness and artificiality?
    Sarah N. Cleghorn (1976–1959)