Emperor Ming

Emperor Ming may refer to:

  • Emperor Ming of Han (28-75)
  • Emperor Ming of Wei (205-239), see Cao Rui
  • Emperor Ming of Zhao (274 - 333), see Shi Le
  • Emperor Ming of Jin (299 - 325)
  • Emperor Ming of Liu Song (439 - 472)
  • Emperor Ming of Southern Qi (452 - 498)
  • Emperor Ming of Northern Zhou (534 - 560)
  • Emperor Xuanzong of Tang (685 - 762), sometimes referred to as Emperor Ming
  • Ming the Merciless, a fictional character in the Flash Gordon stories

Other articles related to "emperor ming, emperor":

Shen Youzhi - Service Under Emperor Ming
... Emperor Ming did not trust the guard officers that Emperor Qianfei had endeared, and he offered to give them commandery governor posts to get them to leave the palace ... However, they were largely fearful that Emperor Ming had other intentions, and they entered into a plot against Emperor Ming ... Shen Youzhi, however, informed Emperor Ming of the plot, and Emperor Ming then had those officers executed, except for Shen, whom he began to trust and made him a guard commander again ...
Chu Yuan - Service Under Emperor Houfei
... After Emperor Ming died in 472 and was succeeded by Crown Prince Yu (as Emperor Houfei), Chu Yuan and Yuan Can became in charge of the government, although ... In late 472, they added Emperor Ming's distant cousin Liu Bing into the decision process, and after the general Xiao Daocheng suppressed the rebellion of Emperor Houfei's uncle Liu Xiufan ... In 477, Emperor Houfei, by now aged 14, was growing increasingly impulsive and violent, often wandering outside the palace with his guards and killing all people or animals they encountered ...
Liu Zixun - Failed Claim To The Throne
... Emperor Ming initially tried to reward Liu Zixun for his effort to resist Emperor Qianfei by giving him honors, and most members of Liu Zixun's staff wanted to accept Emperor Ming's offer ... Wan, believing in the same coincidence that Emperor Qianfei did regarding Liu Zixun's third-born status, rejected Emperor Ming's promotion order and prepared to resist Emperor Ming ... They accused Emperor Ming of being an usurper and having unduly killed, in addition to Emperor Qianfei, their brother Liu Zishang (劉子尚) the Prince of Yuzhang ...
Liu Zixun
... a claim to the throne on his behalf, rivalling that of his uncle Emperor Ming, following the assassination of his brother Emperor Qianfei in 465 ... The inability of his troops to defeat the outnumbered troops of Emperor Ming, however, eventually led to the collapse of his regime, and Emperor Ming's general Shen Youzhi captured and ...

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