Emperor Jomei

Emperor Jomei (舒明天皇, Jomei-tennō?, 593 – November 17, 641) was the 34th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession.

Jomei's reign spanned the years from 629 through 641.

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Soga No Emishi
... Suiko, Emishi succeeded in installing Prince Tamura on the throne as Emperor Jomei by citing the will of Empress Suiko ... After the discernment of Emperor Jomei, Emishi supported Empress Kōgyoku ... His daughter, Soga no Tetsuki no Iratsume, was a wife of Emperor Jomei and bore Emperor Jomei one daughter Princess Yata ...
Emperor Bidatsu - Genealogy
... He was the second son of Emperor Kimmei by his consort Iwahime, a daughter of Emperor Senka ... Though he had many children, none of them would ever become emperor ... He was succeeded first by one of his brothers, Emperor Yōmei, then by another, Emperor Sushun, and then Empress Suiko, his sister and wife, before his grandson, Emperor Jomei, eventually took the throne ...
Emperor Jomei - Consorts and Children
... Naka-no-Ōe) (葛城皇子, 中大兄皇子) (Emperor Tenji) (626–672) Prince Ōama (大海人皇子) (Emperor Temmu) (ca ... Princess Hashihito (間人皇女) (?–665), Empress Consort of Emperor Kōtoku Hi Princess Tame (田眼皇女), daughter of Emperor Bidatsu ...

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