• (adj): Of persons; excessively affected by emotion.
    Example: "He would become emotional over nothing at all"
    Synonyms: aroused, excited, worked up
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Stimulus (psychology) - Functions of Stimuli - Emotional Stimulus
... Emotional stimulus is not eliciting ... Emotional stimulus is considered as the proportionality and the strength of an operation ... Emotional stimulus is relevant to drive through specific responses in emotions ...
Sentiment Analysis
... appraisal theory), affective state (that is to say, the emotional state of the author when writing), or the intended emotional communication (that is to say, the emotional effect the author ...
Structural Abuse - Classes
... Missing connections that harness the physical, mental and emotional energies of a person over a protracted period, thus causing damage to both the ... Structural abuse is indirect, and exploits the victim on an emotional, mental and psychological level ...
Love Addiction - The Addictive Love Relationship
... addicts start out attempting to meet some known or unknown emotional need, then become dependent on the intoxicating feelings' of being in love itself ... Behind their emotional walls, hides low self-esteem and feel if they become truly known (display emotional intimacy) - no one would ever love, accept, and value who they are ... thinking for themselves, having healthy emotional boundaries, or taking care of themselves in healthy manners- the love addict ...

More definitions of "emotional":

  • (adj): Of more than usual emotion.
    Example: "His behavior was highly emotional"
  • (adj): Determined or actuated by emotion rather than reason.
    Example: "It was an emotional judgment"
  • (adj): Of or pertaining to emotion.
    Example: "Emotional health"; "an emotional crisis"

Famous quotes containing the word emotional:

    The revolution as we call it is not necessarily an uprising in the streets or the old business of seizing power. Though the Left has always imagined it was. The revolution is change. Not merely rearrangement, but a deep emotional type of transformation that must also take place inside us. It’s a better way to live.
    Kate Millett (b. 1934)

    No, it wasn’t an accident, I didn’t say that. It was carefully planned, down to the tiniest mechanical and emotional detail. But it was a mistake. It was a beaut. In the end, somehow granted the time for examination, we shall find that our so-called civilization was gloriously destroyed by a handful of vacuum tubes and transistors. Probably faulty.
    John Paxton (1911–1985)

    Acting is the physical representation of a mental picture and the projection of an emotional concept.
    Laurette Taylor (1887–1946)