Embryoid Bodies

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Embryoid Body
... Embryoid bodies (EBs) are three-dimensional aggregates of pluripotent stem cells ... The pluripotent cell types that comprise embryoid bodies include embryonic stem cells (ESCs) derived from the blastocyst stage of embryos from mouse (mESC ... Similar to ESCs cultured in monolayer formats, ESCs within embryoid bodies undergo differentiation and cell specification along the three germ lineages – endoderm, ectoderm, and mesoderm – which ...
Wnt Signaling Pathway - Wnt-induced Cell Responses - Stem Cells
... Studies of embryoid bodies (see embryoid body) have led to new insights regarding the role of Wnt signaling in human embryonic stem cells ... Researchers at Stanford School of Medicine observed that embryoid bodies spontaneously begin gastrulation ... They determined that gastrulation in embryoid bodies mimics the in vivo process in human embryos in vivo gastrulation has been previously linked to the Wnt pathway ...
Research History and Developments - Techniques and Conditions For Embryonic Stem Cell Derivation and Culture
... cell line is removed from the supporting cells to form embryoid bodies, is co-cultured with a serum containing necessary signals, or is grafted in a three-dimensional scaffold to result ... the cells grown out from these cultures could form teratomas and embryoid bodies, and differentiate in vitro, all of which indicating that the cells are pluripotent ... as demonstrated by the ability to form teratomas, differentiate in vitro, and form embryoid bodies ...

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