Embassy of Iran, Stockholm - Protests At The Embassy

Protests At The Embassy

On 24 August 1981, a group of thirty-three Iranian exile students stormed into and occupied the embassy in protest of extrajudicial executions and violence in Iran. Earlier during the summer, under the rule of Mohammad-Ali Rajai, about 700 extrajudicial executions had been carried out in Iran. Later the same day, Swedish police forces stormed the building to release the then ambassador of Iran to Sweden, Abdel Rahmin Gahavi, his wife and one servant who had been taken hostage. The protestors were arrested and taken to the Kronoberg Remand Prison in Stockholm, where twenty-nine of them were later detained in custody pending trial.

On 26 June 2009, in wake of the 2009 Iranian election protests, about 150 people gathered outside the embassy to protest against the Iranian regime. Some of the protesters managed to enter the embassy building, where they engaged in fighting with the embassy's personnel. According to the police, one member of the embassy staff was injured in the clashes. In addition, a few of the protesters were injured and one policeman. The police later managed to evict the demonstrators from the building and arrested one person.

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