Eli or ELI may refer to:

  • El (deity), or Eli, a variant on the name of God as spoken in Arabic, Hebrew, and Aramaic
  • Eli (name), a common first name in Hebrew (includes a list of people and fictional characters with the given name Eli)
  • Eli (Bible), Biblical priest of Shiloh and Israelite judge
  • Eli, a nickname for a Yale University student or graduate, after Yale benefactor Elihu Yale
  • Eli, Mateh Binyamin, an Israeli settlement in the West Bank
  • Éli, a medieval kingdom in Ireland
  • Environmental Law Institute, legal resource for environmental law issues
  • Extreme Light Infrastructure, a proposed high energy laser research facility of the European Union
  • ELI (film), a 2007 short science-fiction thriller
  • Eli (Jan Akkerman album),
  • Eli (Supernaut album), 2006
  • E.L.I. (Ice Prince album), 2011
  • Eli (Xena), a fictional character from the television series Xena: Warrior Princess
  • ELI an acronym for Earth Learning Idea, see Earthlearningidea (ELI)

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