Elena Potato - Animated Series - Season 1

Season 1

She first appeared arriving at Oldmill Village School. When she learned that Zick can see monsters and is considered strange, she was "interested" to meet him. When looking for her cat, Purrcy, she was very excited to see monsters after she and Zick were saved by a River monster when saving the puppies. She's happy to know that there are more monsters besides in Zick's house, and she insisted on helping Zick even though she cannot see all monsters. She was saddened by Purrcy's disappearance and gains another pet, a rabbit named "Puffy". When learning that Purrcy was being held at the Pyramid Inc., she and Zick went there to save Purrcy and the other cats which had been kidnapped by Magnacat.

She was sometimes upset of not being able to see anything besides Zick, and she quickly got some ideas to help Zick in fighting monsters. She gave him special sunglasses to help cover Zick's eyes when they turn red, but ended up intensifying his power. After knowing more Androgorkas in Oldmill Village, Zick told her to go home, and she was angry at him for not telling her everything. She was still angry with Zick, and explained to him that he does not explain anything to her about the monsters and weird things which happen. When learning that Zick is going to Dark Bay to confront Magnacat, he does not want her to be put in harm's way but ended up hurting her feelings. While helping him, she also wanted to see a ghost, and learned that Zick's cat Timothy can speak (although both Zick and Timothy denied it over and over).

When learning about Greta's Flower Shop is being closed down, she gets an idea to save the shop, but Zick does not want her to go with him again. However, she was able to gain Zick's respect, and finally convinced him to bring her along to find Bristlebeard's treasure. She sometimes showed her affection when learning about Bristlebeard's romantic side. She later learns that Lardrine can talk just like Timothy and saw her first monster, an exhibitionist named Chumba Bagingi. She was impressed when Zick used the Enviro Dom to get them out of the submarine to the surface. When she met Teddy Thaur, she immediately disliked him for being so arrogant. When Zick found the Tamers' Manual, she mostly kept and eager to read it to learn more about the monsters. She was hypnotized by Omnised, and she released him along with Omniquod. She was acting as a Dom Box Carrier for Zick, and saw a second monster named "Trengingigan". When Jeremy arrived to intervene in the situation, he ordered her to give the book to him, and he burned it. She blames herself about what happened then Timothy gave his Tamers' handbook key to the cellar her and said his goodbye as she cried. When Zick spoke about his father's disappearance, she stated that it is too normal for them and will help him find the answer. When his cousin Lonzo was swallowed up by Bombo and his face was mixed up, she and Zick went to the Ancient Armory to find a cure for him, and met up with Zick's father, Zob. When his cousin was turned back to normal, she stated that normal is not fun.

When finding a cure for Zob to turn back to normal, they meet up with Teddy again to find Anguanes Lair. They learned that the Anguana of Er is Zick's aunt (leader of the Anguane Witches). She and Teddy were used as a bargaining chip by switching their bodies into two anguanes for Zick to catch a monster for information. She and Teddy managed to reverse the switch, and she thanked him, but he had taken it back for being arrogant. At Drinkwater Park, she feels that they should not trust Teddy too much, and later learns her suspicion was right when Teddy took the Breath of Mugalak. After a short fight, and a cave collapsing, she insists on leaving him to get help, but Zick decides to help him even though Teddy had betrayed them. They later learn that his reason was to heal his own father, Terrence Thaur. When Zick is going to Port Reef to transport Chumba Bagingi and get acquainted with the Thaur family, she was a bit upset from Zick hanging with his special friend and wanted to be part of Zick's world. When she learned that Lardine did not call them to go to Port Reef, she stated that she always gets Zick out of trouble and will not stop to help them. While doing a class project, they were attacked by Puffy who was turned into a were-rabbit, and her love was used as an antidote to bring him back to normal. When seeing how David and Annie are having affections, she agrees with Zick that their life is not that complicated, and both look away to each other in shyness.

When her mother, Julie Potato, made a pajama party without her knowing, at first she disagreed with it, but she was eventually befriended with Annie when the Anguanes made a mistake of going to her home instead of Zick's. She is sometimes annoyed when she sees Teddy again, and thinking that she cannot handle things on her own. She helps the monsters during the inspection by gathering the monsters, even though she cannot see them. She agreed with Zick from their experience when Ms. Swift stated that even when something sounds incredible, it does not mean that it is impossible. She thinks it was lousy that the Bibbur-Si did not know what they did to stop the Sphinx. She and Zick were less afraid of all of the scary things that were set by Soup and Ford while finding Bombo in the Blacksmith's house, and encountering dark phantoms. When Magnacat created a Skeleton army, she was kidnapped and given a glimpse of Magnacat's true face. She stated that she helps Zick to keep him out of trouble, and that she is his "mascot". She was easily trusted by the mother Flyvan. When Bibbir-Si is threatened to be invaded, she felt sadly when she was not useful in serious situations.

When it was discovered that Jeremy was in mind-control and Zick was captured by Magnacat, Greta gave her "The Gift of Sight" to see monsters, and she cried happily. She managed to save Bibbur-Si, also happy to see the monsters now. She shows some jealously at a female tamer named Lay Mamery, and helping out Zick without his power until it came back to him. She was always coming to Zick's house everyday, and fought back another invasion to Bibbur-Si by Magnacat. When she saw the Monster-Saur, she quickly informed the Tamers immediately. When the Monster-Saur reached the hospital, she stood up to the Monster that she would not let it destroy it, along with her parents and future siblings. However, she was eaten and ended up inside, along with Zick. They were able to escape, and Zick captured Monster-Saur along with Magnacat and Viziosed. She now has two new siblings, Charlie and Violet, and they were seen celebrating the declaration that the exile had ended.

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