Elektron may refer to:

  • Elektron (company), musical instrument company
  • Elektron (ISS), Russian oxygen generator
  • Elektron (alloy), magnesium alloy

Other articles related to "elektron":

Elektron (company) - History
... Elektron turned 10 years old in 2008 ... in 1998 a company was started to nurture it and Elektron was born ... The university provided Elektron with an office and thus things started to roll ...
Sid Station - Different Models of SidStations
... The beta models of SidStations used by Elektron and their beta testers had a shining red color ... Elektron also sold fifty black SidStation units, which had black aluminum casing and blue LEDs, contrary to the original green ones, called the Ninja Edition ... is also a blue SidStation that was made as a one off, by Elektron, for a walk in customer that just happened to see the blue shell sitting unused on the shelf ...
Elektron Monomachine
... The Elektron Monomachine is a synthesizer and music sequencer by Elektron ... During the last quarter of 2007 Elektron released the SFX-60 MkII, which is a revision providing higher signal-to-noise ratio, a slimmer design and the ability to add ... A key feature of the sequencer is what Elektron refer to as "parameter lock", whereby each sequencer step can be associated with a snapshot of all the editable parameters for a sound ...