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Alternative Fuel Vehicle - Single Fuel Source - Battery-electric
... Battery electric vehicles (BEVs), also known as all-electric vehicles (AEVs), are electric vehicles whose main energy storage is in the chemical energy of batteries ... Batteries used in electric vehicles include "flooded" lead-acid, absorbed glass mat, NiCd, nickel metal hydride, Li-ion, Li-poly and zinc-air batteries ... Attempts at building viable, modern battery-powered electric vehicles began in the 1950s with the introduction of the first modern (transistor controlled) electric car - the Henney ...
Battery Electric Vehicle - Vehicles - Electric Cars
... An electric car is a plug-in battery powered automobile which is propelled by electric motor(s) ... Although electric cars often give good acceleration and have generally acceptable top speed, the lower specific energy of production batteries available in 2010 compared with Carbon-based fuels means that ... range commuter type journeys, rather than long journeys, electric cars are practical forms of transportation and can be recharged overnight ...
R17 (New York City Subway Car) - Description
... There were 400 cars in this class, all built by the St ... Louis Car Company, and all single unit cars capable of operating both independently or as part of a longer train ... The electrical components were split between General Electric (cars 6500-6699), and Westinghouse Electric (6700-6899) ...
Tel Aviv - Electric Cars
... scheme to build charging stations for electric cars ... built, and eventually 150 points will be set up across the city as part of the Israeli electric car project, Project Better Place ...
Business Model - Better Place Business Model
... The initial cost of an electric vehicle may also be subsidized by the ongoing per-distance revenue contract just as mobile handset purchases are ... Their goal is to enable electric cars to sell for $5,000 less than the price of the average gasoline car sold in the United States otherwise, the ... has been sold for 13 years at a price of $4,000 more than other gasoline cars and has captured less than 2% of the world wide car market ...

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    What our children have to fear is not the cars on the highways of tomorrow but our own pleasure in calculating the most elegant parameters of their deaths.
    —J.G. (James Graham)

    The family circle has widened. The worldpool of information fathered by the electric media—movies, Telstar, flight—far surpasses any possible influence mom and dad can now bring to bear. Character no longer is shaped by only two earnest, fumbling experts. Now all the world’s a sage.
    Marshall McLuhan (1911–1980)