Elan Vital (organization)

Elan Vital (organization)

Elan Vital is the name shared by several organizations that support the work of Prem Rawat, a spiritual teacher also known by the honorary title "Maharaji". Independent Elan Vital organizations in several countries raise funds, organize speaking engagements by Prem Rawat and in some cases broadcast his public addresses.

The "Divine Light Mission" in the United States changed its name to Elan Vital in 1983, by filing an entity name change. According to the Encyclopedia of American Religions, the mission was disbanded Prem Rawat personally renounced the trappings of Indian culture and religion, to make his teachings independent of culture, beliefs and lifestyles.

According to Glen Whittaker, a former spokesperson for the organization in the United Kingdom, Elan Vital no longer has any connection to its originally Hindu or Sikh religious background. The Historical Dictionary of New Religious Movements states that Elan Vital insists that it is not a religion and that Maharaji's teachings are independent of culture and by no means bound to the traditions of India. Elan Vital, Inc. in the U.S. is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It has been labelled a "church" in reference to its tax status. Its 2005 articles of incorporation described its purpose as performing "religious, charitable and educational activities". The Elan Vital website has announced that Elan Vital will cease operations in 2010, to be succeeded by new entities such as Words of Peace International, Inc.

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Elan Vital (organization) - Reception
... ElanVital was established to more effectively promote Maharaji's teachings in a way that was free from any particular religious or cultural association ... For ElanVital, the emphasis is on individual, subjective experience, rather than on a body of dogma ... ElanVital was listed as a cult in a 1996 French parliamentary commission report ...

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